Faculty & Resourses

At Nuha Private ITI, accessibility is a fundamental aspect of our Core Values: Caring, Learning, Integrity and Respect. Faculty members and instructors play an important role in fostering an environment that enables students with disabilities to realize their academic potential. We look forward to working together for accessible learning.

Teaching is the heart of our work at Nuha ITI. Our small classes and student- centered approaches lend themselves to dynamic learning environments that inspire students and faculty alike. The College devotes considerable resources to insure that faculty have the support they need to thrive as educators. The following offices exist to support our teaching mission:-


Academic advisors are encouraged to develop ongoing relationships with their advisees that go well beyond course selection to encompass short and long-term goal-setting and planning. Short-term goal-setting and planning might involve helping the student to understand the cornerstone requirements and develop a four-year plan for a given major, where long-term goal-setting and planning might involve discussing options for supplementing one’s major with research experiences and internships in order to plan for a particular career.


Student learning occurs in a variety of contexts on and off the Nuha ITI campus. High impact learning experiences such as labs, creative performances, internships and co-curricular opportunities compliment individual courses and curricular programs.


Faculty hold a substantive role in decision-making in several identified areas in the life of the College including the curriculum, faculty professional development, and criteria for tenure and promotion.